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Lower School


Our Mission 

Sacred Heart Academy educates college-bound women by cultivating their self-confidence, guiding them to realize their personal and scholastic potential and their responsibility to others, and by preparing them to meet life’s challenges - all within an academic and religiously diverse community that focuses on spiritual values and the individual student.

Our Goals

As a member of a Network of Sacred Heart Schools, Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr commits itself to educate to:

GOAL 1: a personal and active faith in God;

GOAL 2: a deep respect for intellectual values;

GOAL 3: a social awareness which impels to action;

GOAL 4: the building of community as a Christian value; and

GOAL 5: personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

The Five Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Heart education unify us with the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.

We're Part of Something Larger

Independent but never isolated, every Sacred Heart school needs to feel the strength of belonging to a larger whole, of sharing principles, broad purposes, hopes and ambitions.
- Preamble to the Goals and Criteria, 1975

Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria