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As part of the Upper School's on-campus Day of Service, eight SHA alumnae joined us virtually for a service panel. Each individual shared how they have remained involved in service and advocacy in college. The panel of alumnae (currently college students) is involved in programs through their majors, through athletics, through campus ministry, through Greek life, and through campus life. They shared advice for our current students and demonstrated that work toward Goal III does not end after 12th grade, but continues to be a guiding force throughout life. As one alumna shared, "Don't wait to make a difference! Just try something now!"

Thank you to:

Brigid Benko '19 (Seton Hall University)
Bridget Bergan '18 (University of Delaware)
Sarah Conway '19 (American University)
Alexandra Coyle '18 (Saint Joseph's University)
Grace Magnotta '19 (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Catherine Nguyen '19 (Villanova University)
Lyssa Shopa '19 (Saint Joseph's University)
Angela Winter '19 (Drexel University)

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