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Toy Drive

In a year marked by uncertainty, Sacred Heart Academy’s Upper School shared holiday joy through a toy drive for Cradles to Crayons. The toy drive was led by Katie Schanne, Class of 2024, and although Katie is new to SHA as a freshman, she has not wasted any time embracing the spirit of SHA Goal III: a social awareness which impels to action.

When asked what inspired Katie to initiate a toy drive a few weeks before Christmas, she shared, “Now that Covid has taken away many families’ jobs and loved ones, I thought that a toy drive would help make this Christmas season a little merrier. All over social media, people express the hardships they are facing in our current situation. As a new CSC representative at SHA, I wanted to use my position to help make a difference.” 

Katie worked with fellow Class of 2024 Community Service Corps Representative, Paige Redmond, to recruit other members of their class to sponsor a toy donation. Their intention was to create a class event, but as word spread throughout the Upper School, many others expressed their desire to also participate. The SHA Upper School, faculty and staff joined in on providing toys for the drive. In just four school days, over 150 toys were collected at SHA from the community. Special thanks to the Parent Associations of SHA for their generous donations from Santa's Secret workshop.

Each day of the drive, Katie, Paige, and other helpers from the Class of 2024 packed up her dad’s car with the daily donations. Originally the toys were going to Katie’s parish, but the dates didn’t align, so like so many things in 2020, Katie pivoted and shifted her focus to Cradles to Crayons whose vision is “one day every child will have the essentials they need to feel safe, warm, ready to learn and valued.” Katie scheduled a drop-off of the many toys which were delivered to families in time for Christmas morning.

In thinking about Goal III and service, Katie reflects, “By doing service, it reminds me that I am able to make a difference in someone else’s life. As a new CSC representative this year, I hope to carry out Goal III by spreading awareness around SHA about opportunities to help our community. By informing students about projects they can participate in, they can not only take part in it themselves but also encourage friends and family to participate as well!” 

Thank you to all who donated toys, to the students who helped execute the drive, and to Katie Schanne for helping SHA continue to live out Goal III.

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