When girls come to Sacred Heart Academy, they become members of a community that is both challenging and supportive.
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Celebrating Girls in STEM with the SHAmazing Race

The SHAmazing race takes place on Thursday, February 28, 2019, from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m., at Sacred Heart Academy.  Girls in 7th-grade from area schools are invited to join our current 7th-grade students for an afternoon of clues and challenges in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Technology. This is a super fun way to visit our campus, meet our science and technology teachers and make new friends. The activities will be a blast!

Do your best to avoid detours and roadblocks with the help of SHA Faculty!

A little bit about some of our SHAmazing Sacred Heart Educators:

Mrs. Sharon Ackerley has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Cabrini University. After spending five years teaching elementary education, she earned her Master of Science in Education with a Technology Specialist Certification at Saint Joseph’s University. In the past twelve years at Sacred Heart Academy, she has shared her passion for technology with students from kindergarten through grade twelve. In the past few years, she has integrated coding, robots, three-dimensional printing and JavaScript design throughout the curriculum. Additionally, she continues to help students acquire important foundational computer skills of typing and effective internet usage. As a Microsoft certified specialist, she offers in-depth courses in Microsoft Office.  A regular attendee of The Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference, Mrs. Ackerley stays current with the latest trends in the integration of technology in K-12 education. Teaching technology allows Mrs. Ackerley the unique opportunity to teach all students in various ways and enhance their overall educational experience.

Mrs. Joanne Dougherty has a BA in Biology and Environmental Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania.  Her thesis focused on the ecology of sea anemones in tide pools in Acadia National Park in Maine.  After working on a conservation project for a marine preserve in Puerto Rico, she earned a Master of Science from Villanova University.  Her master’s thesis focused on the symbiotic relationship between the tiny coquina clam commonly found on the sandy beaches of New Jersey and the hydroid that lives on the clam’s shell.  After Villanova she worked as a research technician on a sea urchin aquaculture project.  Although her first love is evolution and the ecology of marine invertebrates, she has become passionate about molecular biology.  Through her course, students develop a conceptual understanding of the molecular basis of cells, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cell division, and genetics, laying the foundation for future coursework.  Students in her classes are engaged in their own learning, work cooperatively with their peers, learn to craft scientific explanations for natural phenomena and further refine their study skills.  Mrs. Dougherty has been part of the Sacred Heart community since 2004.  She enthusiastically teaches biology to ninth graders and AP Anatomy and Physiology to seniors.  

Jeannine Lincoln, Ph.D. teaches general chemistry and organic chemistry Sacred Heart Academy.  Dr. Lincoln has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Olivet College and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Wright State University.  Dr. Lincoln’s graduate research focused on understanding the function of an enzyme found in the mitochondria of cells.  The enzyme, cytochrome coxidase, is important for the conversion of cellular energy.  Over the next 8 years, Dr. Lincoln pursued basic research in biochemistry and molecular biology at the National Cancer Institute, Texas Tech University Health Science Center and Thomas Jefferson University Kimmel Cancer Center.  Her research involved a number of diverse areas of study including transcription factors involved in regulating gene expression, a protein linked to ovarian cancer and a protein involved in regulating the process of cell division by mitosis and meiosis, respectively.  Dr. Lincoln has a passion for science and enjoys sharing her love of science with the students she has been privileged to teach over the past 10 years.  Dr. Lincoln has taught a number of undergraduate courses including chemistry, biology, microbiology, genetics and human anatomy, and physiology.  Dr. Lincoln would like her students to leave Sacred Heart with a love and appreciation of science as well as a solid foundation in chemical principles.  She would also like her students to understand the process of science and be able to think critically about science and how it affects their individual lives.

Mrs. Sharon Mitsler, has served Sacred Heart in many different roles over her 29 years as a proud member of the White Team. Mrs. Mitsler earned her Master of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education and minors in Coaching and Journalism from Cortland State. Mrs. Mitsler’s love of athletics, computers, and photography has brought her to her current position as Director of Technology Integration. Focusing on helping students and faculty integrate technology to become more efficient and productive has been the cornerstone of her teaching. Mrs. Mitsler believes technology is the spark that ignites the fire and passion in our students to go out and make a difference in the world.

Mrs. Meg Tredinnick began her “second” career teaching Physics and Environmental Science at  Sacred Heart in 2012.  While Mrs. Tredinnick had a meaningful career for twenty five years as a Material Science engineer, she decided to pursue a desire to teach and obtained her Pennsylvania Instruction 1 Certification in Physics Education through Pennsylvania State University. Mrs. Tredinnick began her secondary education path obtaining a BS in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey.  After graduation, she worked at DuPont’s Experimental Station in Wilmington, before obtaining a position at Heraeus Thick Film Materials in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.   Mrs. Tredinnick worked with teams of engineers and scientists at Heraeus’ US manufacturing site to specify, design and troubleshoot thick film materials for ceramic components used in a variety of electronic applications, including communication, medical, military and consumer devices. Mrs. Tredinnick was also involved in training multinational sales forces and in-house customer workshops, which is where she caught the “teaching bug”.  Mrs. Tredinnick also obtained an MBA from La Salle University.  Mrs. Tredinnick is grateful each day for the opportunity to not only teach, but to share her passion for science education with her Sacred Heart students.