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Goal III


The SHA community gathered for First Friday Liturgy presided by Fr. Kevin from St. Denis Parish in Havertown. The tenth-grade celebrated Mass in-person in the gym while the rest of the community attended via live-stream with their classes. Ms. Weber, US History and Religion Teacher, and Upper School CSC Coordinator opened with a reflection marking the one-year timeline that the world was altered in so many ways due to the pandemic. For Sacred Heart Academy and the commitment to Goal III: Social Awareness which impels to action, SHA was challenged in our ability to act for justice through the many direct service opportunities we were accustomed to serving. The pandemic has required finding creative ways to outreach and serve others virtually. With creative adaptation, members of the school community adapted to these difficult times and did not pause in their important work over the last year. The Mass celebrated the CSC work by the SHA community. The following is a reflection on Goal III at SHA by Senior CSC Leaders, Erin Corcoran ‘21  and Kathryn Gleeson ‘21:

In the Sacred Heart community, Goal III is extremely important. Through our time working with CSC, we have learned that Goal III is important because it teaches the value of a lifelong commitment to helping others. The value of Goal III is exemplified by our community. Members of all ages in the Sacred Heart community, including teachers, staff, and students, participate in service throughout the year and over the summer. These actions of service show that the Sacred Heart community is truly a place where people have a lifelong commitment to service.

To us, service is so much more than completing a required number of hours to move onto the next academic year. Service means helping people in any way possible with the hope that we can impact the lives of others. Whether that impact is small or large, giving back is a way we can make a difference in the world. CSC has given us the opportunity to make that difference, and to help our community make a difference.

During our time as CSC representatives, we have loved watching the Sacred Heart community come together in service. Even during the pandemic, we have been so inspired to see so many people in our community doing service. We appreciate the effort everyone has put into their Goal III projects, working towards Goal III distinction, helping the people of Kensington by making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or doing other acts of service on their own. It has meant so much to us to be part of such an incredible community that clearly values service as much as we do.