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First Friday Mass - A Sacred Heart Tradition

Today we gathered to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit.  Catholic schools around the country, including all 24 of our Sacred Heart schools in the United States and Canada celebrated mass to open the school year. The Spirit was among us, within us, around us, between us. The Spirit was present to strengthen us and bring us courage. Father Daniel Joyce joined us today from St. Joseph’s University.

May we feel the Spirit as we gather.  May we be led by her fiery strength. And may we be filled with the Holy Spirit to become a school where we truly live the Goals of the Sacred Heart.  

To mark this time together, we had symbols that were placed at the altar to signify our theme this year -- “Hearts Building Community.”

Porter Tate brought forth a heart to signify that our hearts are open to building our school community as a safe and welcoming environment in which each person is valued, cared for and respected.  

Mrs. Day brought forth a basket that contained the names of all 24 Sacred Heart Schools in North America.  We are committed to building community within the Sacred Heart Network.  We do this by participating in the exchange program, attending Network conferences, exchanging pen pal letters or experiencing a video chat with other Sacred Heart schools.

Ms. Weber brought forth a basket of non-perishable food.  As students of the Sacred Heart, we are committed to building community in our local community.  We do this in many ways, especially through community service when we are collecting canned food, sharing our time with the sick or elderly, or participating in Days of Service.

Taylor Stull brought forth an image depicting Sacred Heart schools around the world.  As students of the Sacred Heart, we are committed to making known the love of God as we work for peace and justice in the world today.   

As a community, please join us in our prayers of the faithful:

Nica Giuntoli (Grade 1)
We pray for Francis our Pope, Charles our archbishop, and for all bishops, priests, and deacons.

Camryn Cliett (Grade 2)
For all world leaders, may the Holy Spirit guide them to work together to promote peace and justice.

Devon Wagner (Grade 3)
For all Sacred Heart students around the world.  May they always know the love of the Heart of Jesus. 

Adriana Clements (Grade 4)
For our Sacred Heart Academy family, may we daily live the Goals of the Sacred Heart and be known as a community of Hearts Building Community.  

Abby Olex (Grade 5)
For our teachers, staff, parents, and volunteers may the Holy Spirit fill them with wisdom, patience, courage and joy. 

Celeste Vail (Grade 6)
For all those who are sick or suffering in our Sacred Heart family, that they experience the healing power of Christ's love.

Ava McKernan (Grade 7)
For those who have died, especially those in our Sacred Heart Family:  James Broussard, Margaret Mary Carroll Eldridge '67 and Janice Gilginas Rodriquez '76, may they live forever in the glory of God. 

AnnaMary Miller (Grade 8)
For those who are facing natural disasters, especially those in the path of Hurricane Dorian that through this time of tragedy, those most affected and who have lost the most will know of God’s presence and learn of the Holy Spirit’s comfort. 

Regan Dougherty (Grade 9)
In thanksgiving for all the blessings in our lives, especially our families, friends, and Sacred Heart school community.

Alice Verna (Grade 10)
For the Class of 2032, and all new students at Sacred Heart Academy, may they open themselves to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and find joy, friendship, and love. 

Peyton Stull (Grade 11)
For the Class of 2020, may they have a senior year full of happiness and always know they have a home at Sacred Heart Academy.  ALL:  Come Holy Spirit.

Kayleigh Doyle (Grade 12)
We pray for our Sacred Heart alumnae, may they always know the embrace of God’s love and the love of the Sacred Heart.