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Thank you Sacred Heart Educators of SHA Bryn Mawr! We so appreciate you and our partnership in the Sacred Heart mission that brings Sophie's vision to life each day. Your dynamic and dedicated work with our girls and young women is shaping their future and building their personal growth to make a difference in the world. Your creativity makes learning fun! From your STEM challenges, Fiesta Friday, Halloween Themes, Red vs. White spirit, Virtual Choir, etc., you make SHA a special school.

Your transition to virtual SHA 2.0 was impressive! What SHA parents are saying:

As teachers, you are called to listen in addition to providing instruction. Respecting the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of students and parents reinforces a sense of respect and care. Based upon all I have heard and learned, congratulations on continuing the Sacred Heart five goals in spite of real obstacles.

I want to thank you for all that you have done for our girls during this time. During this school year your positive attitude and willingness to adapt has been extraordinary.  You have done more than simply embrace the change and move forward.  You have set the tone for our community through your leadership and creative online teaching plans.

We hope you enjoy your week!