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Mock Trial in US Government Class

As part of their study of the US government, seniors have been looking at the American legal system. They requested to take part in a mock trial. Luckily Mrs. Sasso’s husband is a lawyer and offered to write a criminal case for the course. The girls chose roles, including lawyers, the defendant, witnesses and jurors, and were given information specific to their role. Today, Mr. Sasso came in to act as judge in the mock trial and lend his expertise in answering their questions about America’s legal system. The class had a lot of fun acting out this trial! 

The semester-long course examines the development of American democracy and government. The topics covered are:

●    Types of government

●    Growth of democracy

●    Origins of American government

●    Founding Fathers

●    Constitution

●    Amendments

●    Branches of government

●    Media bias