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Several members of the faculty mapped out a week of activities for students to explore and celebrate during the National Engineers Week.  The National Engineers Week program has been recognized for many years, with focused attention for the last +25 years to promote the idea of engineering in K-12 schools and to celebrate engineering programs at the college level.  Some of the activities were: 10th-grade Chemistry classes created organic, renewable solar cells with Dr. Lincoln, 11th-grade Physics investigated the concept of buoyancy with Mrs. Tredinnick, and 9th-grade Biology students made algae beads to tie in with their recent focus of photosynthesis with Mrs. Dougherty.

Middle School students participated in an engineering design challenge to build a civil rights monument honoring the contributions of a civil rights leader. The structures were on display in the library.  Lower School groups were challenged to construct a maze, using wind power to push a marble through the maze faster than a robot.

While these specific activities were part of Engineering Week, similar hands-on, project-based activities are part of the everyday teaching tools that SHA educators use to teach science, technology, engineering, and math. The student to teacher ratio in all divisions really compliments this type of instruction and hands-on learning while also increasing student engagement.