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PB&J Drive Yields Big Results!


For more than nearly two decades, Sacred Heart has been helping to feed the hungry via its Annual Peanut Butter and Jelly drive.

This year's event yielded impressive results, with SHA families donating more than 600 jars to benefit those in need in the Philadephia area and surrounding suburbs.  

"We partner with Nutritional Development Services, which is run by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Community Food Program," explains Kelly Weber, CSC Coordinator for the Upper School. "The donations are then shared with various food pantries associated with local parishes or other organizations such as St. Vincent DePaul."

Students in all divisions were encouraged to make a donation, which they enthusiastically did. "It was an great year for us," says Ms. Weber. "Many Middle School and Lower School families donated, and the Upper School students really hit it out of the park."

Senior CSC Reps Caroline Fleming '22 and Emma Wisler '22 helped with the encouragement, dressing up in PB&J costumes to spur donations during the drive.

Thank you to all who took action on Goal III and made a donation!