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Thoughts from Kelly Weber, Community Service Coordinator:

At Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr, our five goals shape all that we do. Our annual Souper Bowl of Caring allows us to work toward Goal Three: A Social Awareness which Impels to Action. In 2018, we had the goal of 2018 cans to mark the Eagles in the Super Bowl. We exceeded that goal, reaching 4000 cans. This year, without the excitement of the hometown team in the big game, we anticipated a smaller collection. However, our students’ incredible commitment to service proved us wrong as we collected approximately 8000 cans of soup.

In the Upper School, student leaders from the Community Service Corps and the Committee of Games organized donations. The Committee of Games leads students on either the red or the white team. Each team’s leaders organized a collection of money and then partnered with local grocery retailers. The generosity of the retailers was astounding. Not only did they donate cans, they allowed students to buy soup cans at a very low cost, which made the impact of their group donations stronger. Although parents and teachers supported the student leaders, this activity was their initiative. While both the red and the white team each wanted to win the competition, they did not forget the greater purpose to alleviate hunger. The friendly competition was on display as the red team unloaded a car full of soup and the white team was beside them to help carry the trays into school. Their actions demonstrated that we were all Team No Hunger!

The Upper School donations, which were in the thousands, combined with efforts from students in the Middle School and Lower School. Faculty and staff participated, as did alumnae and friends. Alumnae were encouraged to donate via Venmo and then their donations were used to purchase soup. It allows them to continue to live Sacred Heart Goal Three into their adult lives.

As an entire school community, we were delighted to welcome Nutritional Development Services to campus to collect all the soup. Students helped fill an entire van and SUV with soup, while another truck had several thousand more cans in it. We are proud of our students’ leadership and commitment to service and justice, while having a fun competition to show school pride.

Thank you to all who donated!