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Mrs. Gagliardi

Sending a warm hug to Mrs. Gagliardi in thanks for her years of service as the first smiling face inside the RED DOORS at SHA! Mrs. Gagliardi retired in June after fourteen years at Sacred Heart Academy. We will miss her, and her Irish lilt, at the Red Doors! 

In Mrs. Gagliardi's words:

"And so it ends...after fourteen wonderful years at Sacred Heart, I am retiring. I began my journey as the School House Secretary when my youngest daughter Grace started Pre-K with the amazing Mrs.Tucci. Now that Grace (Class of 2020) has graduated, I am excited to move on to my next adventure! Looking back, I am so grateful to have had so much love and support during that first year when only months earlier I had lost my beloved sister Siobhan. God works in mysterious ways, and I have always felt that it was meant to be. During my time at Sacred Heart, I have been privileged and honored to work with so many wonderful and inspiring people. Sacred Heart has been a huge part of our lives, and we have watched as our three beautiful daughters have blossomed through their time at school into strong, independent, and compassionate women. I have loved welcoming countless families at the Red Doors with my strong Irish handshake and a big Sacred Heart hug to let them know that they had arrived at a place of love and acceptance. I treasure the relationships that I have fostered with my Sacred Heart family of parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, and above all our Sacred Heart girls. As I move forward, I will focus on Goal 3, a passion for service to others and will continue building new friendships and connecting with people from all walks of life."

Thank you, Mrs. Gagliardi, and way to go focusing on Goal 3. You are SHAmazing!


Halloween, 2019