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Teacher Spotlight

Miss Margaret "Maggie" Gunther recently moved here from New York. This is her first year at Sacred Heart Academy, and she is teaching Catholic Social Justice (11th grade) and Church History (10th grade). 

To live out Goal 1 -- a personal and active faith in God -- in her classroom, Miss Gunther starts each class with a prayer, asks her students if they have any prayer intentions, and makes sure she prays openly with the girls. Aware that SHA students are of various faiths, Miss Gunther makes sure her classroom is not just a Catholic one; she enables the students to see a variety of faiths in order to find spirituality in their own lives. Miss Gunther truly strives to make sure her students learn that they are a part of something bigger. 

Ensuring her classroom is an open and safe environment is important to Miss Gunther. In order to encourage her students to take risks and socially-emotionally grown, Miss Gunther makes sure her classroom is full of vulnerability and love. She makes it very clear that she loves every student for who they are, building their confidence both inside and outside of the classroom.

Critical thinking and creativity can definitely be difficult to develop in this day and age, yet Miss Gunther has found her own unique way to help girls learn these skills. “A huge part of building critical thinking and creativity involves students understanding that they have a collective responsibility to one another in learning in a classroom,” she says.

Instead of using a lecture format, she utilizes teaching techniques that help students discover deeper meanings behind concepts. Along with this, Miss Gunther emphasizes the importance of putting technology away at times. Although laptops are useful, they need to be used wisely; there is a right time and place for them.

Many people have inspired Miss Gunther’s teaching career and led her to where she is today. Her second-grade teacher, who brought faith into her life, was the first of many to inspire Miss Gunther to become a teacher. Her music teacher in middle school and Theology teacher friend continue to influence her teaching. 

A typical class of Miss Gunther’s consists of lots of hands-on activities. One of her favorites is hanging big post-it notes around the classroom for collaborative jigsaw puzzles to understand and unpack articles. 

Miss Gunther loves to find ways to use technology to her advantage. Google Forms is her current favorite digital tool, using it for assessments and to collect data to see what students are learning. Based on that information, she plans new lessons.

During her time so far at Sacred Heart, Miss Gunther already has a strong understanding of the school. Miss Gunther’s two words to describe SHA are “open and embracing.” 

Welcome Miss Gunther!

by Trista Brophy '22 
Social Media Marketing Independent Study