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SHA Wetlands Update 10/29/19

Sacred Heart Academy's three acres of beautiful wetlands have been undergoing rehabilitation since 2017 with Darby Creek Valley Association (DCVA). The area is an outdoor learning space for teachers and their students of all ages. Lower School documents the seasons using Ipads for photography and videos, Middle School teams up with Lower School for a cleanup day collecting debris from storm run-off, and the Upper School environmental science class takes soil samples as part of their curriculum.  

DCVA is a local non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Darby Creek watershed and its resources.  Their mission includes water, wildlife, historical sites, floodplains, wetlands, and riparian zones. In early 2017, DCVA surveyed the historic wetland at the base of SHA’s 12-acre campus, which over the years had become overgrown and crowded with invasive plants and trees, forcing out native species.

Under the leadership of Ann Jackson of DCVA, the organization has partnered with SHA to restore this wetland, including Meadowbrook Run, a tributary of Darby Creek, which flows across this area. The goal is to restore this area as a valuable wetland, accessible to students, researchers, and the community. 

Volunteers from DCVA as well as SHA have worked together over the past 18 months in support of this goal.  These volunteers have removed vines, brush, and invasive plants over several workdays by volunteers.  The school has received two TreeVitalize grants from the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society and Delaware County Conservation District to purchase and plant native plants and flowers.  In addition, in support of the goal of future research and learning, volunteers have created an outdoor open space to be used by students.  SHA welcomes others to use the outdoor space, which is rich in wildlife.

DCVA plans to apply for additional TreeVitalize grants in order to continue the investment in planting native species.  In the upcoming months, DCVA and SHA will continue to host volunteer events as it works to remove brush and vines and restore an area with a vernal pond.  SHA students support this effort with Community Service hours and other volunteers are welcome. 

Follow this link to learn more about volunteer dates:

Learn more about the SHA Wetlands here.