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What is SHCOG and what does that mean for our SHA Bryn Mawr community?

This year, our school begins the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals (SHCOG) process. As a K-12 school community, SHA will reflect on how we live the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools and how we can improve on ways to live our mission. This process, which occurs every five years, allows SHA Bryn Mawr to be a member of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools. All 25 schools in the Network share the same five goals and 35 supporting criteria. The criteria were recently updated in 2020. Read more about this process and the Goals and Criteria on the Network webpage.

On Friday, November 12, our students will participate in a special school day dedicated to SHCOG work. There will be prayer services, discussion groups, and hands-on activities that will help our students understand our five Foundational Principles and give them opportunities to contribute to the vital work of community reflection for this important SHCOG process. sacred heart education >

Parents and caregivers, please stay tuned for upcoming SHCOG events specific to you. Details will be available on the website, in upcoming Red & White Bulletins and at Christmas at the Mansion on November 19.