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Author Visit

Pennsylvania author, Chrysa Smith will join the Lower School on Wednesday, March 4 at 11:00 a.m. to do a program with her books, and talk to our students about the writing process.

Chrysa is the author of:

  • The Upside-Down Gardener a fun, beautifully-illustrated gardening and personal growth adventure set in the big city (Mom’s Choice Award Winner, for ages 7+ as a read-alone; younger as a read-aloud))
  • A transitional series called The Adventures of the Poodle Posse (fun b/w illustrated tales about a growing posse of poodle that take all sorts of adventures. With each successive book, another poodle joins the posse  All for ages 7+ as a read alone; younger as a read aloud).) 

1.The Case of the Missing Steak Bone/Who let the Dogs Out? (Mom’s Choice Award Winner) Mystery

2.The Princess & the Frenchmen/No Dogs Allowed: anti-bullying and beach adventure

3.Creepy Tails: Halloween

4.Trouble Down Under: Groundhog Day

5. A Very Merry, Mixed-Up Christmas

  • A read-aloud picture book--Once upon a Poodle, Mom’s Choice Award Winner, (Funny tale about a little pup searching for a brother, for younger children).

She is offering her books for sale at discounted prices for our school. Books will be dedicated to your child (or the person of your choice.) 

An order form was sent home or can be found here.

You can read more about Chrysa, her programs and her books on her website: