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Sophie Day was filled with lots of activities educating our lower school brave hearts on the importance of how to treat others. As part of our pledge to become a designated "No Place for Hate" school, lower school discussed as a community:

  • What is a promise?
  • What is a pledge?
  • Brainstormed types of pledges: SH prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, military songs, etc.
  • What do they all have in common?

Following the lesson about what a pledge means, the lower school met with Miss Cryor to review the Five Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Heart School and how they align with a pledge or promise to be a "No Place for Hate" school. Students discussed with Miss Cryor what it means to live the Goals at Sacred Heart and the importance of welcoming everyone, respecting others, making good choices, loving others, etc. Miss Cryor shared a lesson from her Doodles, Chester and Lilly, and how they treat one another and sometimes make bad choices by playing too rough, yet they always forgive one another and end up cuddling together. Their example is a promise to love, forgive and respect each other. Thank you, Chester and Lilly for such a great story on the importance of treating others with respect and learning to forgive.

This year we are so grateful to be working on our pledge to be a "No Place for Hate" school and to see how our Sacred Heart goals align with this promise. As Miss Cryor said, "we are a community built on love and our pledge to be a "No Place for Hate" school is just like doubling our Sacred Heart goals." 

We are double lucky!