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Lower School read the book, You Be You, by Linda Kranz recently on Sophie Day. It told the story of how each person has unique gifts; and that as individuals we should be proud of the differences we have and share who we are with others. Students created their own identity wheel. Group discussions included how different characteristics define who we are, how they form our personality, and which characteristics are important parts of our personal value systems. Following the identity activities, Miss Cryor met with the Lower School on Google Meet to introduce the No Place for Hate initiative at SHA. Miss Cryor discussed how our Sacred Heart Goal 5 would be SHA's focus for the 2020-21 school year. The group talked about being Children of the Sacred Heart and with that brings the commitment to spreading love, respect, and compassion for the dignity of all people. Each class wrote a pledge describing class goals to implement respect, in words and actions, at school and in our wider communities. The students’ pledges were inspiring and will be displayed throughout the year to remind our school community of the goals for the year. 

We love the uniqueness of each Lower School Brave Heart!