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Stone Age Demonstration

Ms. Murtagh's fourth-grade science class welcomed Dr. Leader from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Leader's presentation was on how primitive man designed tools from rocks to gather food. Dr. Leader's hands-on presentation demonstrated prehistoric tool making techniques from rocks. One student was selected to wear a fun cave woman costume and work with chipping a rock to create a pointy head to be used as a primitive knife. Dr. Leader brought his archeological expertise from his projects ranging from the Earlier Stone Age Africa to colonial America. He also had authentic paleolithic knives and rocks from digs he was on.  Once the students learned how to make a tool to collect food, Dr. Leader showed them how to create fire to cook their hunted food.  The class was fascinated with this energetic demonstration and Dr. Leader was impressed with the girls' knowledge of hunters and gatherers during the Stone Age.