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Green Club

Happy December! Lower School Green Club has some friendly reminders and information:

  • Thank you for remembering to turn out the lights when you leave a room.  Think of all the energy you are saving!
  • Wow! It is so great to see the paper recycle bins always filled and emptied by our students.  Great job Sacred Heart community!

With the holiday season here and everyone shopping online, we wanted to help you recycle your packaging. The plastic shipping bag that you receive when you order items can be recycled and so can the plastic air bubbles that come inside boxes.

Green Club will help recycle those plastic packages. There will be a container in the lower school locker area to collect the bags. Send your plastic packages to school and we will remove your personal information labels (those, unfortunately, are trash) and recycle the packaging properly.  We will collect the plastic packaging until December 16th

Thank you for living Goal 3 and loving the Earth as much as we do!


The Green Club