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Women of Achievement

Lower School students in K-4 celebrated Women's History Month with the annual Sacred Heart Academy Women of Achievement presentations. Students select a woman in history (or present day) who has made an impact on the lives of others. They then research their woman and write a presentation that explains the key elements that they felt this person accomplished and why they believe she is a woman of achievement. The fourth-grade selections ranged from a research chemist, Alice Ball born in 1892 to the famous Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling born in 1965. The span of time and talents that the students present on gives them a taste of times they may not have studied in history just yet, but they learn from their research what it was like to be a young girl growing up a woman in a time where women weren't always supported or encouraged to follow their passions and become doctors, nurses, professors, scientists, inventors, etc. The oral presentation part of the project reinforces the work the lower school teachers have done with the students each week throughout the year. The girls' ability to speak publicly is impressive and their excitement to do so in costume is a joy to see. Lower School students, teachers, parents, and other guests fill the Performing Arts Center to enjoy this special tradition.

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Women of Achievement 2019 Slideshow