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History Plays

Several of Mrs. Cooney's history classes performed history plays for their classmates. One group of students performed "We Are Americans Too!" depicting the Japanese-Americans who were rounded up during World War II and sent to internment camps far from home. Another group acted out "Mary Walker's War" and how Mary Edwards Walker made history in 1863 when she became the first female surgeon in the U.S. military. Go, Mary Walker! "Viva La Causa!" was told by a group portraying Cesar Chavez's grape protests to win better conditions and new hope for U.S. farmworkers. "Galileo on Trial" told the story four centuries ago about an Italian scientist who dared to claim that Earth revolved around the sun - at the risk of his life. Science and history lessons all in one!

The students seemed to really enjoy this group project and working together to coordinate the scenes and narratives. Not only was this an active way to learn history, but the public speaking and presentation benefits were very visible. Great idea, Mrs. Cooney!