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Seventh-grade history and language arts classes wrote skits about The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party and The Coercive Acts. Students read about these topics in their history class with Mrs. Jervis and researched them in the library with Mrs. Scholl. After their research, they decided which topics they were interested in to create their skits. 

Some of the information on the colonial culture they found that was reflected in the skit props  were:

Checkers and chess were often played at the time. Buying checker pieces could be expensive, so they were often handmade or common everyday items were used.

Tea was a much more popular drink than coffee in the colonies.

Toile was a very popular decorating fabric in colonial times.

Popcorn, apple tarts, gingerbread, and cornbread were enjoyed at gatherings.

The students enjoyed performing what they learned in this format and practicing their public speaking skills.