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The 8th- grade participated in the Diversity Conference at the Haverford School on March 4.  Schools were asked to participate in a poetry competition. SHA submitted three poems and Paige Redmond's submission received honorable mention. 

The 8th-grade attended the 12th Annual Diversity Conference at the Haverford School with over thirty-eight other schools from the area (650 students!). Mr. Schuler and Mrs. Horowitz also spent the day at the conference.

The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Javier Ávila, currently on a national tour, presenting his one-man show The Trouble with My Name.  According to Ávila's websiteThe Trouble with My Name "examines the issues of language, race, and social justice in an eye-opening performance where Ávila engages the audience as he tells the story of his life and reads poetry that illustrates what it means to be the American of the future." 

Nicole Scalfaro's 8th-grade language arts class created poems in preparation for reading To Kill A Mockingbird. They discussed Paul Laurence Dunbar's poem "We Wear the Mask" and the lyrics to the song "Walk A Mile in My Shoes" by Elvis/Joe South. They also read some excerpts from Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy. The class discussed the presence of racism in literature and the influence of racism on literature, social justice, and perspectives. Then, the girls created the poems in response to our discussion.

Paige Redmond's Honorable Mention Poem submitted to the Middle School Diversity Conference:

Hidden People

A fake face covers the hidden person
They won’t let you see inside to where it’s really hurting
Misunderstood and judged just because of their skin
But just look inside to where nobody’s been

Shut down and shut out
Just for being you
Covered up and put away
They don’t have a clue

How beautiful you are inside and out
Even when you want to scream and shout
The fake face covers the true you
The hidden person they never knew