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Summer Service

Anira Thomas '22
Poverty, Race, and Culture in New Orleans

On this trip, I learned that if you want to help educate others on issues that continue to impact society today, it’s important to know the full story. We visited various museums that discussed details about slavery as well as hurricane Katrina. Much of what I learned, I was unaware of before my visit. The museums helped me gain a better understanding of these subjects and I hope to share this with others.

I experienced growth in service and justice by helping out at the summer camp. By working with the children and learning about the hardships others had to face made, I became more appreciative of what I have, and aware of how fortunate I am.

I felt connected to the other Sacred Heart girls through our talks as well as our prayer services at the beginning and the end of the day. We shared many differences, however, we had the same 5 Goals of a Sacred Heart Education.

I would like to bring back to our Bryn Mawr campus the important details of events that impacted so many people that are typically left out of schools and the media.

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