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Summer Service

Rising senior Carina Fichera participated in the Network summer service program at the St. Madeleine Sophie Center in San Diego, CA. Here is what Carina had to say about her experience,

"At the St. Madeleine Sophie Center, I learned that people with developmental disabilities want to be treated equally and given the same opportunities as everyone else.

This experience made me more personally connected with the disabled community. I immediately felt welcomed upon my arrival with a huge hug from one of the students. Coming back from this experience, I feel inclined to stand up for people within this community and spread knowledge to uninformed people about how intelligent and amazing people within this community are.

I met so many amazing young women on my trip to El Cajon. There were many days where the girls from all over the country sat and talked for hours about the different traditions and daily activities at each Sacred Heart school.

After my wonderful experience in El Cajon, I would like to bring insight back to SHA what it was like to be truly immersed in the disabled community. Many people tend to be nervous or hesitant when interacting with people within this community and I want to share my experience that working with these individuals was one of the most rewarding experiences of my high school career."


Enjoying lunch with an RSCJ Sister of the Sacred Heart from Bryn Mawr, PA.



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