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Emma Wisler Reflects on Sustainability and Service

Rising sophomore, Emma reflects on her Network Summer Service experience:

"I learned what it means to be sustainable in today's living. I learned about little things I can do to help preserve the earth's natural resources. I thought visiting/learning about what the Duchesne Academy does to be sustainable was the most important because now I can bring that knowledge back to SHA.

Throughout the week I became more connected to service and involvement in my community. I want to take back everything I learned about sustainability to PA.

I felt more connected with people from Sacred Heart schools everywhere, as well as how they live the five goals at each one of their schools. I became more connected with goal three, a social awareness which impels to action, as I lived by that goal by doing service for a week.

I would like to bring back to SHA some of the things Duchesne the school in Omaha does to be sustainable, for example, less plastic as well as being responsible recyclers and composters."

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