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Middle School student Katie Keffer '26 participated in a pilot Network Project “Food For Thought.” Girls from Network schools, NCDS, Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr and Sacred Heart School of Montreal collaborated with "No Kid Hungry", a nonprofit that aims to conquer childhood hunger. Through activities, field trips, meal preparation, and icebreakers the girls gained a better understanding of the experience of a low-income family and their lack of access to nutritious food.

Katie shared that by going to a food pantry, learning about poverty and hunger, and talking about the hardships these people have to face, she became more aware of the situation and more encouraged to help.

Katie said, "When I met the other girls on the trip, I saw similarities and differences between them and SHA girls. The differences were about their schools. It’s in a different state (or country), has different colors and mascots, and different people. But the similarities were about them. They welcomed me like we had known each other for a long time. They showed me around and helped me whenever I needed it."

I would like to bring back awareness about poverty and hunger. Most people know that people in this world face poverty and or hunger, But they don’t really know about the situation they’re in. It’s more serious than I would have thought and I’m sure a majority of the people there had the same thought. 

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