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Network Summer Service

Kyra Santora
Poverty, Race, and Culture in New Orleans
Duchesne House, New Orleans, LA

Through my participation in this Network Summer Service program, I learned that people need our help. One of the outings was a summer camp and we played with the younger campers. They were so happy to be there which also made us happy. The camp needs more volunteers to help out. They are giving these kids an amazing experience. The area we were in was a very poor area that could use more help and resources. We need to be more aware of our surroundings and do the little things that will brighten the lives of others. We have to remember people are going through many problems and we can help in the smallest ways.

I am very thankful for everything I have. I will start thinking about the little things and be happy. Not everyone lives the life I do now, and I should be very thankful for that.

I felt more connected by talking to the other girls. We talked about our similarities and differences in the schools. We all go by the 5 Goals which is something that brings us all together. Our schools may be very different, but the Goals are very important to all Sacred Heart schools.
We all strive to keep the 5 Goals in our everyday lives by the work we do. 

I would like to bring awareness back to SHA Bryn Mawr after this experience. Many people aren’t aware of things that are still going on today in New Orleans and do not understand the history.  People's houses were destroyed. People were treated horribly. There are two sides to a story, but most of the time we only hear one side of the story. We have to know there is more to the story then what we hear. I think that is a super important thing that everyone should learn and think about.

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