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Summer Service

Transformed and Transplanted: The Dichotomy of Gentrification
Miami, Florida

I think the most important thing I learned on the service trip was the many cultures of Miami, Florida. I especially liked working with 5th and 6th graders to learn more about their different life experiences. While working with them each day, seeing their smiles was very special.

Throughout my service trip, I realized that doing service doesn’t always have to mean building houses and planting gardens. It can also mean brightening someone’s day or spending time with someone you’ve never met before. I learned this by spending time with three 6th-graders throughout the week and making bracelets at a senior center. Not only did I do service, but I had fun doing it.

Summer service helped me become more connected to the Sacred Heart Goals because I never really thought of the action, I just thought of what each Goal meant. Now I understand that each Goal is not just a prayer to recite, but an action to be done. During the week, I experienced every single Goal (5). It made me feel closer to the Five Goals of a Sacred Heart education.

In Miami, we learned a lot about the history of the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. They could talk for hours upon hours about how their school was founded. I would love to learn more about our own Bryn Mawr history. I would also like to tell everyone how amazing the trip was. The people, chaperones, and activities we experienced were ones I will never forget. I now consider the twelve girls I had only known for six days as my family. 

More about this program: Transformed and Transplanted: The Dichotomy of Gentrification
Miami, FL

Female Students entering grades 9-12 What is gentrification? This project was designed to introduce the girls to some of the issues within a community that fosters this change in demographics. Participants explore how systems affect groups within communities and their access to resources through the exploration of food deserts, housing access, education access, and other cultural resources. They learn to understand that communities are changed by their access to these resources. The program partners with organizations presiding in the West Grove (local Miami neighborhood). Participants foster dialogue and planning to address the systems in place that allow gentrification to occur in Miami and elsewhere. The beginning part of the week  focused on education and the second part of the week focused on service, with an exchange of perspectives with people outside of the participants' native community.

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