When girls come to Sacred Heart Academy, they become members of a community that is both challenging and supportive.
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On Friday, October 26, the Upper School hosted its second Courageous Conversations. Approximately 40 students and 7 faculty members attended. The event was largely student-led and included a dialogue walk, identity wheel and active listening demonstration to help students understand the ways their own backgrounds influence their ideas and to prepare them to be thoughtful listeners and participants in a conversation. The evening concluded with dialogues in small groups covering topics such as gender, race, first amendment rights, immigration and the environment. In their reflections on the event, students commented that they were able to “step out of their comfort zone” and that “education is an essential part of activism.” One student noted, “I learned that instead of being scared to voice your opinion, it's better to speak up, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Respectful honesty benefits a dialogue more than silence, and it helps others question their own views.”