When girls come to Sacred Heart Academy, they become members of a community that is both challenging and supportive.
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Courageous Conversations

Ever wonder what a SHA girl does on a Friday night? This past Friday, approximately forty Sacred Heart Upper School students gathered in the library for Courageous Conversations. The girls started the night off with a snack to fuel them through the next five hours. The night began with a Dialogue Walk in order for girls to identify things about themselves. The girls then spent the next couple of hours learning and reviewing the important techniques to have an effective dialogue, including active listening and phrases that can either be “Offensive or Okay.” The girls were treated to a pizza dinner where they had an hour to relax and talk with one another before jumping back into another exercise and the dialogues. By the end of the night, the girls were fully equipped with all the tools to have an effective dialogue. The girls attending then disbanded into their topic discussions, with this year the topics including areas on Environmental Justice and Celebrity Influence. As always, the girls left wishing for more time to dialogue, speaking to the interest and passion each girl has in having these Courageous Conversations.

Reprinted from the Student Journalism Newsletter, The Cracked Teapot
April 8, 2019 
Editors: Cathy Nguyen '19, Liz Franz '19, and Jada Brown-Guerra '19