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Happy National Earth Day and National Poetry Month!

EARTH by Violet Randle '21

When I think of art, no
Definition comes to mind.
I find it to be an escape
From all that is confined.

Dancers, for example,
Answer to their rhythmic call,
And tell charming stories
Without using words at all.

Musicians, on the other hand,
Use the unique flow of a tune,
To make the spirit dance and
Take us higher than the moon.

The ceramics of this planet,
Are formed with careful hands,
Decorated with precise detail
Or built abstract and grand.

Our theatre performers
Dazzle in the spotlight.
Their wild, courageous acts
Pour out a passion so bright.

Our painters near and far
Take risks that most reject.
They unite unlikely materials
That come alive when they connect.

Tediously, our writers think of
How to give stories a fine worth.
Carefully, they stitch words in sentences
To paint the pictures of the Earth.

EARTH by Violet Randle '21 Won 3rd Place in the Edith Garlow Memorial Poetry Contest