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Thought 15 by Elizabeth Miller '21

I can’t describe my fear throughout these words.
It’s just a fear of life upon its end,
And losing loves that turn beyond the bend.
My mind runs wild and makes ears bleed with chords.
My thoughts fly ‘round through rainy skies like birds
And plummet down to pick the scars they tend.
My heart, it breaks; I think your face its mend.
Disturbed, inside its dark with thoughts, it hurts.
My thoughts, my mind, are things I cannot change.
Is someone there that understands I’m strange?
And through the mirror I don’t see my face
Though yours is my reflection, fragile lace.
The darkness needs the dawn outside my brain
And sometimes hearts just need to scream in pain.

Elizabeth Miller '21, 2nd Place Winner, Edith Garlow Memorial Poetry Contest