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Environmental Science Learns About Ground Breaking Technology

President of ReFined Plastics LLC, Joe D'Ascenzo, the brother of Vic D'Ascenzo, SHA's Director of Advancement, recently spoke to students in the Environmental Science class.

Mr. D'Ascenzo spoke with the Environmental Science students about the groundbreaking technology that he was instrumental in developing that will take trash, sort out the plastic that is thrown away (only 3 - 7% is recycled) and recycle the plastic into a form that can be used by any plastic manufacturer.

Instead of the plastic manufacturer using virgin plastic refined from natural gas and crude oil, recycled plastic can be used instead. ReFined Plastics LLC purchased a former coal-powered electricity generation plant in Berks County to scale up this process to production level and is hoping to be fully operational in 1 - 2 years.

The students were appreciative of Mr. D'Ascenzo's enthusiasm and expertise in this growing field.  

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image from ReFined Plastics LLC