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Ethics Bowl

For the first time, Sacred Heart Academy competed in the Annual Delaware Valley Regional High School Ethics Bowl. Held at Villanova on November 17, it was the seventh year for this event that draws more than 15 public, private and charter schools from around the area.

Since July, SHA team (PhiloSophies) members have researched ethical theories and studied cases from past regional competitions. In early September, the team received this year’s 15 cases. The topics of this year’s cases ranged from gun rights to gerrymandering to de-extinction to reading someone’s diary to buying followers on social media. The team, which included ten members, read the cases, researched the topic and met regularly to discuss the cases and determine possible ethical solutions.

Daniella Fadjoh ’19 proposed the idea of the team to Miss Cryor last spring; after receiving approval, Daniella worked on promoting interest among students, scheduling summer meetings, creating a Google page to share resources and running weekly practices. In the last week, practices were daily!

The judges for the event at Villanova looked for depth of thought, the ability for the team to think carefully and analytically about complex issues, and the respect they showed to their peers.

It is stated by the National High School Ethics Bowl that

“the NHSEB cultivates the virtues central to democratic citizenship, and prepares students to navigate challenging moral issues in a systematic and open-minded way.”

At the end of the day at Villanova, Sacred Heart participated in three rounds and received three results: a win, a loss, and a tie. Each round was intensive, thoughtful and exciting. When the entire group gathered in the afternoon to learn who were the top eight teams and who would be heading to the next rounds, the SHA team was disappointed not to be in the top eight but was thrilled to learn they had come in ninth. As one of the team members said about their place, “For the first time involved with ethics bowl, that’s really good!” In fact, the team they tied with was in the final round!