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Founders Award


Congratulations to Aly Albanese, Jaime Donatucci, and Emily Hart, all members of the Class of 2023, who received a Founder’s Award from the Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Foundation. According to its mission, the EA “awards grants to local nonprofits to improve the lives of women and children and it promotes education, leadership and community service by mentoring young women and providing scholarships.”

The Founder's Award was established in 1956 and is presented annual to young women who display leadership, service, and good citizenship.

Awards are presented annually to high school girls nominated by their school principals or counselors in recognition of their community service activities and leadership qualities. The Emergency Aid Founders Committee chooses 20 students based on a written application, demonstrated leadership and good citizenship.

As award recipients, these three Sacred Heart students will be part of a cohort with the other young women for their remaining years of high school. Together, they will receive mentorship, engage in volunteer work, and develop leadership skills. During their senior year, Aly, Jaime, and Emily will be eligible for a scholarship from the Foundation.