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The Bellows of My Mind

Life is still - I am all alone -
My mind cries out - it aches -
It overflows with thoughts of you -
And I am fearful as they escape -

Life is still - I am all alone -
My rusted bicycle takes me past your faded blue house -
Still I smell the old bubblegum cards and cigarette buds -
And can almost feel the sunlight that danced through your tiny bedroom window

Life is still - I am all alone -
Why do I keep taking myself back here?
Reliving that nightmare - eight years ago -
Forever anguished I did not intervene -

Life is still - I am all alone -
Affliction takes control of my handle bars -
The memories flood back - clouding my perception of the dirt road ahead -
The reminders of you - pour back as blinding as the sun -

Life is still - I am all alone -
Without you here - I am the living dead -
I drown in regret - the emerald of my youth -
You are evermore the only concern on my mind - Jude Janes -

Grace Gagliardi '20
Edith Garlow Memorial Poetry Contest, 2nd Place