When girls come to Sacred Heart Academy, they become members of a community that is both challenging and supportive.
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Gwendolyn Fry '20 Receives First Place

Patron of the Dirtied Steeples

So gracious is the noontime light
From past the peaks depart,
Dripping gently ‘cross the sky -
A hallowed saintly art.

In sacred grasses, I shall dwell;
In holy fields, I’ll lay
Whilst morning dove and trembling lamb
Go forth and tread away.

Off - off, they must, to foreign lands!
To Frankfort - to the sea!
Parting from so divine a glow;
A haunting, striking feat!

For alone in blessed brilliance,
An inebriate, I’ll become
And stagger ‘bout my church of dirt
‘Til the parting of the sun-

Gwendolyn Fry '20
Edith Garlow Memorial Poetry Contest, First Place