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Immersed in Direct Service and Hands-On Learning

Reflections by Lucy Day '22
Sustainability and Service/Omaha

Rising sophomore, Lucy Day participated in the Network Summer Service program, Sustainability, and Service in Omaha, NE this summer. This service program serves as a mixture of direct service, hands-on learning, and exploratory excursions. An immersive experience in sustainability, students explored topics from garden to grocery store to air force base. Along the way, they learned lessons and habits that they can bring back to their schools, families, and individual life. The experience included visits to various local agencies including one of the best zoos in the country.

On my trip to Omaha, I learned that many of our everyday choices affect the Earth. This trip was based on sustainability and how to keep our Earth alive. I learned how to make conscious choices to help preserve our Earth in my everyday life.

During the week I experienced a new understanding of service and was able to build new relationships through my service. My eyes were opened to others' lives and how everyone lives a different life, some better and some worse.

My trip to summer service led me to meet many amazing girls all part of the Sacred Heart Network. I still talk to a few of the girls I went on my trip with which is amazing. Through my service, we carried out Goals 3 and 4 specifically. I felt as though what I was doing on service went hand in hand with what we at Sacred Heart believe in.

I would love to introduce the usage of a compost bin back at SHA as well as teaching everyone about our global footprint and how small sustainable changes can make a huge difference.