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Mathletes recently earned third place!  November’s topics included solving quasi-quadratics. The students practiced during their lunch periods and were prepared to compete. They scored 31 points, missing second place by only one point. Congratulations, SHA Mathletes!

SHA Mathletes is a co-curricular activity for upper school students led by Math teacher, Mrs. Brennan. Participants say they have become more confident problem-solvers through their experience. Students also say they have applied problem-solving skills, not just to mathematics, but to everyday life problems.  Mrs. Brennan encourages a fearless attitude when attacking a math problem, and the competition of mathletes has made the students more prepared to tackle math in other contexts.

I am thankful for the experience of mathletes, which has made me more intrepid and led me to a deeper love of math.

Although challenging, mathletes offered me a space to push myself while having fun with my friends.

J.S ‘20

I loved starting my day with mathletes at 7:50 a.m. every morning and waking up to challenging problems. I enjoyed learning new topics every month and preparing for competitions. While mathletes was a lot of work, the incredible food that Mrs. Brennan baked and the rides home from the competition with the team were my favorite memories at Sacred Heart.

E.S. ‘20