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Stained Glass Window Project - 10th Grade World Religion 

The great cathedrals built throughout Europe from the 11th-14th centuries were of the Romanesque or Gothic style. The beauty of these cathedrals still overwhelms people to this day. These grand churches were filled with stained glass windows. The windows were meant to remind pilgrims or worshippers of the goodness of God. The scenes depicted helped to draw one’s mind towards God.

Creative Element:

With the supplies available to you, create a stained glass window. The image should raise one’s mind towards God. You can use traditional images (cross, dove, etc). However, make sure to add your own creativity to your window. 

Written Element:

Type up a 10 sentence (minimum) response to explain your drawing. Please answer the following questions within your written response:

  • Why did you choose this image?
  • Do the colors you selected have any significance?
  • Why does this image raise your heart to God?

Abby Braun '22
Stained Glass Window Project in Black and White

The image I chose to draw was an open hand. I drew this because it could be interpreted in different ways. The first way is that it is God’s hand and the significance of it being open shows he is accepting to all. God always has an open hand towards anyone that wants to enter his kingdom. It can also be interpreted as a human’s openness. It shows how we should be open and accepting to everyone, just how God would want us to be. When we have an open heart to everyone, God recognizes that. Unfortunately, I did not have the sharpies to do this project but it still does have significance. I decided to do my project in plain pencil because it is simple yet complex, just like God. At first, the pencil seems very boring to draw with. Once you experiment with it and see that it can create so much more, it is a lot more interesting. This image raises me up to God because it reminds me to have an open hand and heart towards all.