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Teacher Spotlight


By Trista Brophy '22 – Social Media Marketing Independent Student

Ms. Tricia Heeney is an outstanding French teacher who has a forever love for SHA. If you know Mademoiselle Heeney, you know Sacred Heart is her second home. 

To live out Goal One (a personal and active faith in God), Ms. Heeney starts every class with a prayer (in French, of course,) then follows it by asking each student how they are doing. This is her way of creating a community of faith and love. 

Ms. Heeney also believes it’s important to foster an environment where it is perfectly ok to make mistakes, teaching the students they can learn and grow from their errors.

To develop her students' critical thinking skills, Ms. Heeney lets her students express themselves by doing different projects – such as painting – and then asks them to describe their work using their French vocabulary. She also makes it a point to not have her students only memorize and recite, but also to express opinions.

Over the years, Ms. Heeney has developed a unique and successful way of teaching. Her own high school French teacher, Miss Durkin, initially inspired her to pursue her French teaching career. Ms. Heeney explains how Miss Durkin was a great mentor, and she strives to be a teacher like she was. 

If Ms. Heeney had to describe SHA in just one word, she would choose “JOYFUL!”  She loves to see the constant joy in the classroom, in the halls, and even up and down the hill – even though everyone is out of breath!