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SHA's Marvelous March!
Deirdre Cryor

Can you Spell Congé?

On Mardi Gras, classes were interrupted when Mrs. Gagliardi announced over the loudspeaker, “Please excuse the interruption. Mike Moore please call C. O. N. G. E!” And, judging by the screams that erupted across campus…Yes, everyone can spell Congé! Congratulations to Student Council Girls who organized an awesome congé with the theme: The Game of Congé – students played a campus-wide version of Clue, life-size versions of games like Connect4 and Twister, ran in the Hamster Balls and escaped from the Escape Room.  As we enjoyed the day’s activities the best part was easily watching the older girls enjoying leading their groups and taking care that the younger girls had a good time. The absolute best scene? When the teachers joined in the Hamster Ball ride! Upper school, middle school, and lower school teachers all hopped in and rolled across the gym!

How much do we all love the tradition of Congé? 

Women of Achievement

It is time for Women of Achievement presentations in the Lower School. Mother Theresa, St. Madeleine Sophie, Mae Jamison, Juliette Gordon Low, and Susan B. Anthony are gracing our halls as the Lower School shares their presentations. These presentations are certainly a highlight of Sacred Heart’s celebration of Women’s History Month.  The presentations also highlight Sacred Heart’s commitment to teaching public speaking. Thursday mornings in March in the PAC, the Lower School girls—from the kindergarten to the fourth grade—will stand up in front of the Lower School students as well as parents and teachers and share their research.  Talk about (young) women of achievement!

A Three-peat Really is Sweet

Congratulations to Sacred Heart basketball for winning the District Title again! As reported in PrepLive,

No one is going to tell Sacred Heart Academy that winning a District 1 Class 2A Championship for the third year in a row isn’t a cool accomplishment.

I have to agree—it is cool!

The championship game was particularly fun to watch with the crowd full of red and white and so many alumnae! From Betty Rexford Buckland ’57 to Eileen Piombino ’18—and many in between—the alumnae crowd was a big one!

It’s on to States. Go SHA!

How Many Cans Can SHA Collect? So Many!

Sacred Heart CSC girls organized and ran an incredibly successful Souper Bowl of Caring again this year, thanks to a good old Red and White competition. Last year was an extraordinary year when the school, supported by alumnae, collected 4000 cans for Nutritional  Development Services with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

This year, 16 schools participated and collected nearly 13,000 pounds of soup for the NDS’ network of pantries throughout the five-county area. NDS reports that all donations will be used to stock the shelves of more than 40 food cupboards throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

But no school surpassed what Sacred Heart accomplished. As NDS noted in their newsletter, 

Of note was Sacred Heart Academy’s collection of over 8,000 cans, our largest collection of the season, and the largest collection ever by one school!

How did they do it? Student leaders from the Community Service Corps and the Committee of Games organized donations. The Committee of Games leads students on either the red or the white team. Each team’s leaders organized a collection of money and then partnered with local grocery retailers. The generosity of the retailers was astounding. Not only did they donate cans, but they also allowed students to buy soup cans at a very low cost, which made the impact of their group donations stronger. Parents, teachers, and alumnae supported the student leaders, but the initiative was all student-driven. While both the red and the white team each wanted to win the competition, they did not forget the greater purpose to alleviate hunger. The friendly competition was on display as the red team unloaded a car full of soup and the white team was beside them to help carry the trays into school.

At the end of the drive, the winners of the Red White competition were the white team in the upper school; the red team in the middle school and the red team in the lower school.  Needless to say, the winners truly were those who will visit the pantries in need of food. Well done Sacred Heart Academy!

A Roaring Good Time

Thank you to the many volunteers who made the SHA Auction such a success and such a great night. Whether playing blackjack, watching the excitement of the live auction or buying a chance on a good bottle of wine, the night was an absolute fun time! The food was great, the décor breathtaking and the auction items fabulous—add to that the company and conversation of great friends (many dressed in ‘20s attire and looking awesome!) and the night was truly a success.  Congratulations to our chairs Christine Conners and Vickie Smith for such a great event. Thank you to the Mothers' Association for making it all happen!

STEM and Black History Month

Kudos to the Middle School teachers who conducted a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activity in February that included learning about the history of civil rights leaders. The students read about civil rights leaders and then had to design a monument honoring that leader’s contributions. The materials included dental floss, duct tape, straws, paper plates, rubber bands, and shoe boxes among other items. The monuments needed to be beautiful and unique. Additionally, students had to keep in mind that the monument would be erected in Washington DC. Students worked in teams and had to collaborate.  Additionally, the project asked students to discuss, imagine, plan, test and then improve their plans.  The students' projects included monuments to Ruby Bridges, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks among others. An outstanding cross-discipline project!