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Welcoming Spring
Deirdre Cryor

Four nor’easters in one month? When I left Colorado, I didn’t know I was moving to a place where I would shovel more snow in one month than I did in ten years! (Full disclosure: I didn’t have a driveway in Denver, so I only had to shovel the sidewalk!) Today, now that most of the snow has melted, I can see yellow flowers peeking out in my backyard. As Shelley wrote, “can spring be far behind?” Let’s hope not!

A Book to Recommend

I had the opportunity to read the new book from Rachel Simmons called Enough As She Is: How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards of Success to Live Healthy, Happy, and Fulfilling Lives. Rachel Simmons wrote the previous books, Odd Girl Out and The Curse of the Good Girl. For twenty years, Simmons has been involved deeply with girls’ schools and leadership programs. Her data and analysis are always interesting to read and consider.

She provides data on anxiety and depression in girls that is startling and sad to read, but essential to understand. Her challenges to the current state of affairs are thought provoking and challenging. She writes, “I am tired of the headlines that trumpet the success of girls, as if good grades and college enrollment were the markets of a life well lived.” Those of us in girls’ schools take seriously the responsibility of educating girls. I am grateful for this data and look forward to the conversations that this book will prompt.

Campus Improvements

You might have noticed additional trucks and dumpsters on campus these past weeks. Thanks to the work and support of the Board of Trustees, we have identified specific areas on campus to be repaired and updated. Throughout the months leading up to snowmageddon, we had workers updating the roof of the Mansion and Schoolhouse. Now, workers are updating and upgrading the corner of the Mansion where the counseling office is located. Watch for bigger projects coming along in the months ahead. Thank you for your patience and support for these projects.

School Safety Preparations

Thank you to the Mothers' Association who recently hosted the Radnor Police for a presentation about safety in school. I deeply appreciate the partnership we enjoy with the police department and their support as we regularly review our procedures for safety in school. We recently held a successful Lock Down drill in the Upper School where students and teachers were able to practice staying out of sight and silent for a length of time. It is important to practice all of our drills throughout the year.

Happy Easter
May the joy of Easter fill your days. I look forward to seeing you on campus in the coming spring days.

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