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Educated for Life

Class of 2023: Well Prepared for Leading Universities


In Kindergarten through Grade 12, Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr (SHA) students are active participants in their learning. They engage in open and meaningful dialogue with their peers and teachers, immerse themselves in project based learning, and collaborate to problem solve. From Day 1, students are not bystanders, but agents in their own education. 

Exceptional Educators

In the tradition of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, the SHA faculty of more than fifty provide context for Sacred Heart values in their teaching. Small class sizes enable teachers to understand the academic strengths and needs of each student. The college preparatory program often integrates literature, history, music, and art history of a period concurrently. Science, Technology, and STEM subjects are regularly taught with a hands-on approach, and Math classes focus on conceptual understanding. Faculty lend their hearts to the goal of empowering bright, compassionate girls and young women to make a difference. 


Rooted in our history but always facing forward, SHA prepares students for beyond the Red Doors: toward college, career, and purposeful lives.

Lower School

The value of a Sacred Heart Academy Lower School education is unmatched in our region. We are small by design, ensuring that each voice is heard and each girl is known. Our program provides personalized attention from teachers and staff in a community that is full of joy, and based on how girls learn best. 

Middle School

Sacred Heart Academy's Middle School program is designed specifically pre-teen and teenage girls. Based on the Five Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Education, the program supports students in taking an active role in their spirituality, furthering a deep respect for learning, building community, acting for justice, and developing as leaders. 

Upper School

SHA's Upper School program focuses on young women's academic, spiritual, and social emotional growth. We foster a community of active learners who seek and share knowledge, prioritize service, deepen their faith, and embark on the world with a global view. 

What Makes SHA Unique

While SHA is intentionally small, we're part of something larger. Unique among all area schools, SHA is a member of the International Sacred Heart Schools, comprised of 150+ schools in 41 countries. Within this consortium is the Network of Sacred Heart Schools composed of 25 schools in the United States and Canada. The groups connect SHA students in an international community that further prepare students, beginning in Kindergarten, for an increasingly global world, an appreciation for differences, and a compassion for all.

At SHA, we are faithful to our long-established Goals and Criteria which focus on developing self confident girls and young women, providing a challenging and inspiring education, deepening a love of God, and fostering a call to serve others.

And, while our beloved Traditions connect SHA students past and present, our Signature Programs prepare students for the future like no other school.  


Donna Romero., M.A.
Director of Academics
610-527-3915 ext. 224

Eileen Day
Director of Upper School
610-527-3915 ext. 229

Kimberley Trinacria
Director of Lower and Middle School
610-527-3915 ext. 218

Education must be concerned not only with studies, but also with whatever may be required for the right ordering of life and requirement of a cultivated society."

- Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, Foundress