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College Counseling

Attention College Admissions Counselors

The Sacred Heart Academy College Guidance program aims to foster a strong rapport with all universities and colleges.

If you are an admissions representative looking to schedule a visit to Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr, please sign up for a time slot using RepVisits.


College Counseling Team

Ashley McGinnis

Mrs. Ashley Fullen, Director of College Counseling,
Upper School Counselor
(610) 527-3915 ext. 266

Eileen Day

Mrs. Eileen Day, Upper School Director

Theresa McCoy

Mrs. Theresa McCoy, College Counselor

Comprehensive Counseling Model

It is the goal of the college counseling program at Sacred Heart to educate students and families about the intricacies of the college search, application, and selection processes. This manifests itself into a comprehensive preparation program over the four high school years. In line with our five Sacred Heart goals, we help to empower our students to find the best fit for college placement. College is a place for students to grow personally in academics, in career planning, and in community involvement. Sacred Heart students take control of their college process early on, rather than find the college process taking control of them.

Mrs. Ashley Fullen, Mrs. Theresa McCoy and Mrs. Eileen Day are available to meet one-on-one with students and families to help facilitate the college process. College correspondence is communicated to families through Naviance as well as through the upper school weekly e-newsletter.


Freshmen take a wellness class for one quarter, through which they are gently introduced to the college process with a focus on student success in academics and in extracurricular involvement with an emphasis on curriculum choice.


Sophomores  take a wellness class for one quarter with a focus on self-awareness regarding skills and interests along with decision-making. Students are encouraged to start a broad college search through college visits.


Juniors are scheduled into a semester-long college counseling class with Ms. Ashley McGinnis. Time is allocated to career development and college search. During the spring semester, students complete resumes, two college essays, meet with the college counselor for 1-1 planning meetings, and begin to finalize their college lists.


Seniors are also scheduled into a college counseling class for the first semester with Ms. Ashley McGinnis. Students use class time to finalize the various aspects of their college applications with direct guidance from the college counselors. Students maintain constant, open communication with the college counselor and teachers throughout the process for guidance.

School Profile


Naviance is an online college and career readiness tool that helps to align student strengths and interests with post-secondary plans. Benefits of the program include career assessment inventories, resume documentation, and extensive scholarship and college search tools. Sacred Heart staff utilizes Naviance to coordinate the application process.

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