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Lower School

Why Sacred Heart Academy

Find her passion. Find her voice.

Freedom to Learn  
Lower School

Rooted in the legacy of a forward thinking and compassionate visionary, Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, a Sacred Heart Education offers a safe, supportive, and intellectually stimulating community where energetic and curious young girls blossom into creative, confident, and open-minded leaders. Public speaking begins with even the youngest student and builds from conversation based to full presentations with confidence and poise.

Uniquely Nurturing Approach

Passionate Sacred Heart educators will guide her curious mind through a personal education that keeps the fun in learning, while exceeding performance benchmarks for independent schools. A literature-rich academic environment will foster a love of reading, writing, and public speaking. Math will be mastered through a flexible, hands-on program that encourages confident and strategic thinking. The learning environment is small and mighty fostering fearless independence and confident grace.

Creative Exploration, Tinkering, and Inventing

A progressive science curriculum will promote learning through discovery, helping students think like scientists who explore the world around them. Collaboration on project-based instruction supports community-driven learning within Kindergarten - Grade Four. Teaching methods incorporate "making" and STEM topics. Teachers integrate technology in the curriculum in addition to a technology class for students to become familiar with technology resources and learning to navigate computer programs and apps.

Find her brave heart at Sacred Heart Academy.

"Let us respect childhood; let us honor the soul of that small creature of God who can already make choices of the best if we take the time to awaken her reason and make her use her judgment." Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat

As Children of the Sacred Heart

goal 1

I will love God with all my heart - an active faith in God

goal 2

I will show a love for learning and try to do my best work - respect for intellectual values

goal 3

I will show concern for others and the world around me in thought, word, and action - a social awareness which impels to action

goal 4

I will welcome everyone into my Sacred Heart Family - building of community

goal 5

I will grow as a person by learning to make wise choices - personal growth and wise freedom