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Student Life

Educating the whole child

Each day students are met with opportunities for spiritual, social and personal growth. The dedicated, professional educators at Sacred Heart Academy foster the development of each girl. Lower School students enjoy a small and nurturing environment through informed active faith, critical thinking and compassion.

Our Lower School Students:
  • Collaborate, lead, mentor and learn from each other in an all-girl environment
  • Occupy every role: every part in the classroom, on the playground, in the choir
  • Develop strong, life-long friendships
  • Learn independence in a safe environment
  • Speak publicly in all aspects of their learning
  • Thrive in extra-curricular opportunities and learn new skills
  • Explore music through voice and violin instruction
  • Discover the school's French heritage through songs, phrases, games and learning to appreciate another culture
  • Immerse themselves in artistic exploration combined with art history and technique
  • Learn the importance of digital responsibility with the use of technology as education tools
  • Discover a larger community through interaction with middle and upper school students
  • Become aware of a global world with interactions through our Network
  • Collaborate on service opportunities and working towards SH Goal 3
  • Unite through strong relationships and sense of community
  • Experience project-based learning throughout the K-4 classes

Learning Through Discovery

Let her grow where she can rise.

Admissions Inquiries
Email: Lauren Deets