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Middle School

Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Located in Bryn Mawr, SHA's middle school program is designed specifically for adolescent girls based on the Five Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Education. The program supports students in taking an active role in their spirituality, developing a deep respect for learning, building community, acting for justice and growing as leaders. 

Middle School is a time of transition, growth and self-discovery. At SHA, middle school girls:

  • become more independent
  • are given opportunities to build confidence
  • learn to tackle challenges
  • make informed decisions
  • find their voice to advocate for themselves


Leadership Opportunities

Middle school students thrive when given a chance to lead. In Middle School, leadership opportunities begin in 5th grade. Students have an opportunity to run for an elected office in several areas: Student Council, Community Service Corps, Sacred Heart Mission Effectiveness (MESH) or Committee of Games (CofG). Leaders represent the student body at middle school events and meetings and help coordinate and participate in activities. Leaders have an opportunity to represent SHA along with other Sacred Heart Network school middle school leaders at the Network Leadership Conference.

A middle school girl holding a Sacred Heart Academy flag, located in Bryn Mawr.
Sacred Heart Academy middle school girls working on an assignment from a laptop.
Middle school girls walking together at Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr.

Program Highlights

Middle School